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Firm Results

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorneys Obtain $1,724,464.00 Jury Verdict In Federal Court Maritime Suit Against International Wood Product Supplier In The U.S. District Court For The Southern District Of Georgia

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorney Rice Ferrelle Obtains Confidential 7-figure Settlement In Trucking Injury Case In South Georgia On Behalf Of 10 Year Old Girl And Family

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorney Obtains $3.75 Million Settlement In Product Design Defect Case

    In 2011, Ferrelle Burns attorney Rice Ferrelle served as co-lead counsel on behalf of a local individual whose husband sustained catastrophic and permanent neurological injuries from excessive carbon monoxide inhalation following use of a defective product. After lengthy federal and state court litigation against both the product and component part manufacturers based on theories of design defect and failure to warn, Ferrelle was able to reach a $3.75 million settlement for the victim and his family just before trial.

  • $810,000.00 Settlement For Injured Woman In Florida Maritime Action Involving Recreational Boating Injury In Duval County

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorney Serves As Trial Counsel On $36 Million Jury Verdict In Product Defect Case

    In 2009, Ferrelle Burns attorneys represented an individual and his wife in the trial of a product liability defect case that resulted in a $36 million jury verdict in the Circuit Court of Duval County, Florida against a product manufacturer. While utilizing a strength and conditioning elastic product in coaching baseball at a local high school, the product materials failed, causing the client serious and permanent facial injuries. Burns assisted in the preparation of the claim from early in the litigation all the way through the jury trial.

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorneys Reach $550,000.00 Settlement On Eve Of Trial In Georgia Medical Malpractice Action Against Local Physician And Medical Practice

  • $750,000.00 Recovery For Oil Drilling Seaman In Louisiana

    The firm recovered $750,000 for a seaman who suffered a displaced fracture of his upper arm after falling into a pit on an oil drilling platform in the North Sea. The case was filed in U.S. District Court in Louisiana because the offshore drilling exploration company had an office in New Orleans. The Naval architect Mr. Ferrelle retained as an expert testified that the pit did not have sufficient marine guardrails and was negligently designed causing the fall.

  • Rice Ferrelle Obtains $350,000.00 Settlement During Trial In Georgia Automobile Negligence Action Against Local Municipality On Behalf Of Injured 20 Year Old Woman

  • $585,000.00 Settlement In Maritime Action Brought Against United States On Behalf Of Man Injured On Commercial Fishing Vessel In Destin, Florida

  • $345,000.00 Settlement With National Trucking Company For Woman Injured By Tractor Trailer Driver In South Georgia

  • $750,000.00 Maintenance & Cure Judgment And Punitive Damages Award For Shrimper In Southern District Of Georgia

    Mr. Ferrelle obtained a $500,000 judgment in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Georgia for a seaman who injured his back lifting baskets of shrimp while on a voyage off the coast of North Carolina. In addition to damages for the seaman’s “maintenance and cure,” the plaintiff was awarded $250,000 for punitive damages for the vessel owner’s intentional and wrongful conduct in refusing to pay for the injured seaman’s medical care.

  • Confidential Settlement Obtained In Music Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Filed In New York Federal Court Against Rapper Wiz Khalifa And National Recording Groups On Behalf Of Aspiring Georgia Musician

  • $525,000.00 Settlement For Jones Act Seaman Injured On Unseaworthy Vessel In Brunswick, Georgia

    The firm reached a $525,000 settlement for a Jones Act seaman who sustained significant arm, chest and rib fractures after his employer’s vessel malfunctioned in navigable waters off Brunswick, Georgia. Mr. Ferrelle’s retained experts were able to successfully establish the existence of an engine defect and faulty safety lanyard on the owner’s vessel which was assigned to the plaintiff. Additionally, following extensive depositions of the plaintiff’s supervisors and safety officers, the firm was able to effectively expose the employer’s failure to implement proper safety practices for its maritime workers.

  • $232,000.00 Settlement After Company’s Exhaustion Of Insurance Proceeds In Maritme “Death On High Seas” Action For Estate Of Georgia Man Who Died During Recreational Fishing Excursion

  • Ferrelle Burns Seeks Justice For Victims Of Professional Malpractice

    One of the firm’s clients suffered a devastating injury during a back surgery resulting in quadriplegia and a lifetime of total nursing care. Although the doctor’s operative note made no mention of any injury during the surgery, subsequent testimony from hospital recovery nurses helped Mr. Ferrelle’s neurosurgery expert prove the cause of the injury. The case settled for a confidential amount which was placed in a special set-aside trust for the client and her family. “This was a particularly gratifying result because it was such a tragic injury for a 43-year-old mother of two.”

    In another confidential medical settlement, Mr. Ferrelle recovered for a 32-year-old mother against a physician who failed to diagnose and treat a heart attack, resulting in major heart muscle damage and eventually leading to a total heart transplant. Our retained expert testified that the symptoms were classic and should have received follow-up care. Fortunately, because of her young age, she was selected by Mayo Clinic for a total heart transplant and survived.

  • $200,000.00 Settlement Obtained In Automobile Negligence Action For Florida Woman Injured By Careless Driver

  • Ferrelle Burns Attorneys Obtain Appellate Victories For Clients On Unsettled Issues Of Florida Law

    In 2012, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal affirmed a trial court’s dismissal of statutory warranty claims brought against a powder coating distributor represented by attorney Rice Ferrelle in the client’s favor. In holding that the trial court had not erred in its application of Florida’s condominium warranty statute to product suppliers, the appellate court decision provided much needed clarity on an issue of first impression related to the scope of such implied warranties.

    In a separate commercial litigation matter on behalf of a corporate lender, Ferrelle Burns attorney David Burns recently argued in Florida’s First District Court of Appeal in a case in which a borrower asserted that its lender breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing during the loan relationship. The appellate court issued an order in favor of Burns’ client within a week of the oral argument.

***The trial verdicts and settlements listed on this page are intended to be representative of cases handled by Ferrelle Burns, however, these listings are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other future claim.


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